A modern and high-end Italian kitchen with the purpose to delight

Aliant is the result of combining two design systems: the Look System with its 75 cm modules and the Evolution System with its larger capacity base cabinets, drawers, tall units and wall units, double shelves, flush-fitting worktops and precious interiors. As a result, you end up with a precious and stylish Italian modern kitchen.

In Aliant kitchens, materials blend together like ingredients in a delicious recipe, breathing life into a refined, modern design that is also firmly rooted in tradition. Two materials play leading roles. The first is glass, an essential, pure element capable of adding depth to colors, lightness to space, and nobility to any kitchen environment.

Finally there is Neolith®, the man-made sintered stone created from 100% natural raw materials, in which elegance and durability converge in a product with unique characteristics.

Aliant is an amazingly versatile collection, with the ability to express itself in many ways and create a wide range of solutions, from eye-catching islands to linear walls of clear glass and fascinating environments that blend into the living area.

For more information about the Aliant collection from Stosa please contact nathalie@yaminikitchens.com

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