Kitchen designs for every era

Let´s face this, nobody wants to choose Italian kitchen finishes that will be soon out of style. We all look for finishes that look beautiful together and that will look fresh for a lot of years.

The problem is that, if you overdo with trends, your kitchen design will never last as much as you desire. We are going today through some of the latest Italian kitchen finishes trends.

italian kitchen cabinets

After many years when total white and gray were a must for modern Italian kitchens, we are seeing now a huge comeback of total white designs. Together with colorful kitchens, total black kitchens are a trend which is going to be huge in the next years. As for all trends, the risk is that when they will finish, your kitchen will look a bit out-of-date. Always keep the design simple.

Stosa Metropolis: modern kitchen cabinets and furniture | Stosa Cucine

Modern Italian kitchen cabinets looks very sleek and elegant in black, with the right combination of elements and lighting you can have a peace of mind that your kitchen cabinets will be a big winner and have a trend that will last for the years to come.

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New Italian Kitchen Cabinet Design

metropolis kitchen cabinet
metropolis kitchen cabinet

Metropolis is more than just a kitchen. Offering a wide range of material looks, multifunctional furnishings and original solutions, Metropolis is kitchen, living zone and more.

Every little detail is carefully designed to meet the needs of modern life and living spaces. Metropolis loves to combine colors and finishes: wood grain with marble veining, matte with gloss surfaces, dark with light shades. In fact, anything is possible with a modern and high-end Italian kitchen that offers such an amazing choice of materials and colors.


metropolis kitchen cabinet
metropolis kitchen cabinet







Metropolis kitchens combine looks with functionality to create space for living and sharing. Work tops for technical appliances combine and integrate with spaces for conviviality. Metropolis transforms today´s needs and habits into the perfect design solution.

metropolis kitchen cabinet









Every little detail is chosen for its excellent ergonomics and to reflect the latest trends. Metropolis features Evolution system, which is Stosa´s new design system for optimizing space, based on maximized storage capacity and innovative style. A plinth height of only 8 cm allows Evolution System kitchens to increase the height and depth of base cabinets and wall units.

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Cook fabulous meals in your conventional kitchen.

Not all meat cuts need to be done above live coals exclusively. There is not always a patio or one of those big and bulky outdoor grills at home to do a nice BBQ, but this shouldn’t limit us when properly cooking an excellent cut of meat, which can also be prepared using the right pan and in your kitchen.

Side dishes

We recommend starting with the side dishes when cooking these meals since they take more time. Potatoes and Asparagus are a simple but effective combination and will be perfect companions for a great cut. We should start by cleaning and removing the tails of the Asparagus, which is the part no one likes; secondly, we will saute the spears over high heat in a pan with olive oil or butter. Then we will prepare some previously diced potatoes in another pan with sprayed oil to roast them for about 7 to 8 minutes, adding salt & freshly ground pepper and the Asparagus, so they get tender and roasted.

The Cut

Now for the main dish. Today, our star is a New York Strip Steak; this is Well-marbled, full-bodied, and rich with beefy flavor; When talking about texture, taste, and fat, a New York Strip is a firm but tender cut. This delicate piece will only need high-quality salt and maybe a bit of ground pepper to season. Please consider the thickness of this cut; for seasoning, remember that it might need more than usual due to its size.

On a preheated pan, and in medium hot, we add a tablespoon of olive oil and start cooking our meat; we will leave it for about 5 mins per side until the surface gets crisp and golden.

To finish it, we add two garlic cloves with a rosemary branch and a spoon of butter and dress the meat with these juices until the flavor penetrates the cut.

Now you know how to prepare a slice of delicious meat without the need for a grill or BBQ; this is an excellent alternative to give your family a top meal using your kitchen.

We want to invite you to know more about Yamini Kitchens and the benefits of having an Italian-designed kitchen at home.



Over these years, our company efforts have focused on delivering Italian-designed Kitchens in South Florida. We feel confident and sure that the experience and reputation earned in this market result from the passion and commitment that our team of professionals has with our clients. Thanks to that outstanding performance, we can proudly announce today that now our products are recognized and certified with the Cosmob Qualitas Praemium certification: “Circularity of the Furniture Product.”

We are proud to receive this certification since it recognizes the efforts done in our constant look to improve the processes and performance of each of our installations, using a sustainable amount of resources and respecting the life cycle of the products used in our kitchens.

Our products must accomplish the highest standards in quality and be environmentally responsible at the same time. We enforce this in all processes and teams involved in our supply chain, from design and production to the final installation in our clients’ homes.

This determination has made Yamini Kitchens a corporation where Ethics, Sustainability, and Social & Environment Responsibility are the main drivers. With the appropriate use of materials, we extend their life cycle, preserve our natural resources, and constantly improve efficiency in all tasks involved in our Kitchens installations.

We want to highlight that these drivers will keep pushing us to give our best by doing what we love, always being faithful to our values, and looking forward to accomplishing all with excellence.

We only have left to say: THANK YOU all with excellence


Fit up your Kitchen with these accessories.

The Kitchen is one of the most important places at home and must have it fitted with the right accessories to enjoy it plenty and make the most of it. But, choosing the right ones could be challenging due to the wide offer and options founded. Here we prepare a selection of those we consider essential to include with our kitchens.


These accessories will give your Kitchen a luxe and neat touch. We can find them easily in stores and will integrate with your Kitchen seamlessly.

Spice racks, utensil organizers, and stackable containers: before you get it, make sure you carefully analyze what you will use it for and where you are placing it. Organizers and Racks will make your Kitchen look orderly.o

Stackable bins and pull-out trays: Full space not necessarily means order. We often found groceries left behind on the bottom of a container or in the back of a cabinet. With stackable bins and pull-out trays, you can keep all at hand and organized simultaneously.

Drawer Dividers: These separation systems are helpful to classify food and condiments orderly and will save us lots of time finding the right ingredients when it is time to cook.

Exploit the corners: commonly unused; corners can be helpful with the right accessory. Corner shelf organizers with pull-out, rotary, or foldable trays will improve this space and brings lots of functionality to the Kitchen.

Adding functionality to your Kitchen never hurts. You can give your Kitchen a sophisticated and updated look with the best accessories following the aforementioned tips. At Yamini Kitchens, you will find professional advisory to come true your dream Kitchen. We’d love to know if these tips cleared some of your doubts but, if you have more questions, please get in touch with us; an expert team will be waiting to assist you.



Nowadays, the kitchen is one of the most important places of the entire house, becoming a social center where the family gathers to share food and meals and pleasant experiences. That’s why modern kitchen designs are beyond functional needs and now focus on awakening the emotions and senses of those spending a lot of time in the kitchen.


With time, kitchen designs have had to evolve since cooking has become increasingly part of our days, mainly incentive by all the TV-Shows, Websites, Blogs, and Apps dedicated to stream content related to gastronomy. In addition, the pandemic arrival gave families a chance to share more time in their kitchens, preparing all sorts of recipes and dishes, making this a time to relax in the middle of the confinement.

Reason enough to have a kitchen with modern features capable of resisting all uses and offering all the functionalities needed to accomplish any gastronomic challenge that we face.

First thing’s first.

Colors and Materials: Sober and soft colors with mate finishes are trending and precisely the types of materials we want to use, where faucets, hardware, countertops, and sinks aren’t shiny and contrast with the white marble walls, creating a warm and luxurious ambient where metallic, rusty and graphite colors blend to perfection.

Lighting: This could be mistaken as a secondary feature when designing a kitchen, but actually, it is crucial; a measured amount of light on each space gives a touch of elegance and enhances functionality.

Appliances: Modern designs have made it possible to cover up Ovens, Fridges, and Dishwashers (among others), blending those with the rest of the cabinetry, giving a neutral and uniform look to our kitchen.

We are here to advise your kitchen construction.

We know how challenging and demanding a Kitchen project could be. Here at Yamini Kitchens, we have the prepared and expert team that it requires, ready to give it all to accomplish your dreams of renovation or new kitchen construction. If you are interested, please get in touch with us now, and we will start working on your dream kitchen right away.

Our Story

In 2003, an entrepreneur decided to go to Italy with one purpose: set a deal to purchase 20 kitchens for a friend. He never thought that this would end up being one of the most significant decisions of his life.

With his briefcase on hand and his feet completely exhausted, Augusto toured Italy in just two weeks and finally finds a store that offers all he was looking for, including the mentioned kitchens. That was his first approach to the manufacturer Stosa Cucine and the beginning of a dream come true that we know today as Yamini Kitchens.

The early days were tough as is usual in any new business, with money challenges and limited personnel. However, Augusto could decode the Italian Designed Kitchens’ business during his trip to Italy and realize how effective and profitable it could be to distribute those in different countries, particularly in the US, starting with South Florida. With time, the business growth gave Yamini a chance to lease an office where only could be shown two kitchen models and set one desk to sit with potential customers. His daughter Nathalie, who was still in college, joined the team and started helping on the expansion, bringing big and fresh ideas supported by what she learned in her Business Administration studies.

Years passed, and Yamini Kitchens became a strong referent in the local market. The growing demand required a more extensive space, and relocation was imminent, so the company moved to a warehouse in the city of Doral close to Miami. Though this is more considered a Commercial zone, its location is excellent for visitors from nearby towns and counties, and these kitchens did attract more interested customers.

New members joined the team, and with the arrival of Augusto’s wife, Karla, the company settles in a brand-new showroom located at the heart of Miami. This dedicated space for sales and management has contributed to expanding and participating in more than 200 kitchen projects in South Florida.

Since its start, Yamini Kitchens have been consolidating a Team focused on delivering the best quality at the best price. At the same time, with the goal in mind to create pleasant and comfortable spaces where families can share memorable times around their kitchens. Today, the company structure includes a sales department lead by his owner/founder Augusto helped by Karla, Nathalie, Mary, Tonya, and Jerickson, operating the Miami Showroom. Alex and Claudia run the Fort Lauderdale Showroom. Mauricio (Operations Manager), Luis (Warehouse Manager), and Lazaro (Customer Service) operate the Doral warehouse and, three different crews of installers with more than ten years of experience complete the Team.

Yamini Kitchens wants to compete with the others Italian Designed Kitchens and Cabinetry manufacturers and distributors in South Florida, with affordable pricing, free estimating and consulting, and offering immediate installation thanks to its available inventory. Also, Yamini Kitchens always keeps up to date with the latest styles and trends year by year, thanks to its participation in all the international Kitchen and Interior Design tradeshows.

On Top of that, partners like Stosa Cucine consolidate Yamini Kitchens as a trusted provider capable of fulfilling their client’s expectations, committed to supporting and installing their custom kitchen with the peace of mind that nothing will be left behind.


Choosing the proper kitchen for your family is crucial and must meet all the needs of each house member who will enjoy this kitchen project.

One of the most trending styles nowadays is the Transitional Kitchen, which has traditional textures combined with contemporary designs, expanding the possibilities and bringing the best of both worlds.

Types of Transitional Kitchens

In Yamini Kitchens, we always have offered our customers projects with various styles to choose from and balance their needs with their likes. Transitional Kitchens aren’t the exception, and here are some of them:

Newport: this type of kitchen is ideal for the public in general. It is perfect for those looking for an international style; materials used in this kitchens enhance the house’s appearance with different tones of cast and wheat colors over wood, offering a natural look and a fascinating nordic ambient.

Tosca: sometimes, we find transitional kitchens as an extension of the living room, and Tosca is the perfect choice for this, integrating both spaces with harmony and combining elements like in-wall hoods, doors, polished steel and wood finishes that bring an entirely original and classic style full of customizations.

City: probably this is the style that represents to perfection what a contemporary design means. It is creative, unorthodox, and for sure one of most wanted. The attention to detail and innovative finishes with Brizzo Oak, White Oak, Steel, and concrete create an industrial-style not often found.

A wise choice

It can be hard to understand what all these kitchens have to offer among those never-ending possibilities; that’s why professional advice is crucial. In Yamin Kitchens, we understand the process and are ready to start from scratch with yours, considering all your concerns and suggestions to deliver the best option to cover all your kitchen needs.


Since the kitchen has become that space in our homes in which we concur constantly, is common to find some of its elements starting to lose functionality or its wear jumping at first sight; is here when we should ask ourselves if the time to update and renew our kitchen has finally arrived.

Several matters should be analyzed first before deciding to start your kitchen remodeling project, and we are aware that it could be annoying and that is not an easy step to take; if you feel identified with the situations listed below, maybe it’s time you consider getting some professional advice to help you choose your new kitchen.

There is not enough space anymore.

For some, space is not too relevant when choosing a kitchen. Truth is, without the right storage capabilities, the kitchen vibe might feel messy, and we could end up with all the small appliances and cookware jammed, and not good-looking.

Keep in mind that is not only a matter of adding drawers, cabinets, and countertops to gain space; this should be properly designed to fit and blend with all the other parts of the remodeling project.

The appliances don’t work as they used to.

There is no appliance that performs like the day we used it for the first time, it is normal for them to deteriorate with time, and if used above its useful life it could even be dangerous, and its replacement becomes mandatory. Nowadays, appliances are designed to be energy efficient and to deliver much more features than they used to.

Wear is unavoidable.

Cooking will always leave a trace; at least will leave stains, splashes, and of course dirty dishes. But, with time and repetition, cleaning the kitchen completely will get hard and harder, and eventually, it will be impossible for your kitchen to look new. Broken tiles, rusty sinks, wood cabinetry weathered, and accumulated dirt where we can even notice, are among others the obstacles to maintain a good-looking kitchen.

We are here to help you.

If you find your kitchen unpleasant to share moments with your family and friends in it, then it’s time for a change. This place is supposed to be part of unforgettable memories, but those old cabinets and malfunctioning appliances won’t help. The best you can do is plan your full kitchen remodeling, helped by experts, and we are here to help you. In Yamini Kitchens you will find expert advisors and 100% Italian Designed Kitchens. We have a professional team that will walk you though all the process from design to delivery. If you want, we offer a free consultation on your project, just leave here your contact details and one of our specialists will be in touch shortly.



When the time to buy, remodel, or update your kitchen comes, it is important to know all the benefits that it has to offer, including the aesthetic and functional ones, that´s why having professional advisory with an expert on design and fulfillment, can make the difference in the right selection.

Yamini Kitchens is a provider that offers Italian Design for every project involving Kitchens, Closets, or Doors, and that has been since 2001 delivering with great dedication and determination the best products in South Florida.


Professional Advisory.

Our goal is to offer a pleasant experience to our customers during the process of customization and design of their kitchens. We have Project Managers with great expertise providing their advisory to guide our clients until finding the one that fits all their needs. We believe in an interactive sale process, and that´s why we have created a much more effective purchase process that shows all the details to the customers before its installation. This process consists in:

Consult: The process begins when deciding to consult our team of experts that will take care of your concerns and will show all the available options, details, functionality, and features of each product until we will find together the perfect combination for your space and needs.

Design: Once the style, material, and space are defined, we will design a 3D model to give you an actual idea of how it will look in your home.

Estimate: When you feel that we have reached the perfect design for your home, we will give you a price proposal, so you can give the first step towards your kitchen project.

Order: Once placed the order to Italy our team will custom craft and manufacture your new kitchen using only high-quality and environmentally friendly materials, according to your choices and approved design. It will take 10 to 12 weeks to arrive.

Install: Our team will schedule a time and date to deliver and install your new kitchen, according to the designs and making sure you are happy with the result.

Enjoy: Once you have all your cabinetry installed you will see your creation come to life and ready to use. We will follow up to assure that everything is perfect as we planned it to be.

Request your free and personalized consultation

Yamini Kitchens will come true the kitchen of your dreams. Our team of professionals is committed to your satisfaction, willing to take care of all the needs and requests of your project. You can have a free consultation with one of our experts regardless of how much you know about kitchens, we will always be ready to answer your concerns.