INFINITY Italian Cabinets ready for delivery


It is not a secret that in the past 2 years everything has changed in the construction, design, and remodeling industry. Production and shipping times are now delayed two or three times more than what we are used to.

For us entrepreneurs, it has been quite a challenge because we want to maintain our promptness with customers and make every effort to help them in their projects, but on the other hand, we had to learn to be patient, to cooperate with suppliers and to seek options that do not take so long to arrive.

Meet our 100% Italian Cabinetry Stock Program. Delivery time is 3-4 weeks and all the cabinetry is MADE IN ITALY. This model called INFINITY features matte white doors and stainless steel grooves with no handles. This program is an excellent solution for families who want Italian quality and style but have no time to lose. If you would like to have a bit of texture in your cabinets it is also possible to change some of the doors to wood finishes.

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What should you include in the design of your new Italian kitchen?

Designing the kitchen of your dreams may seem like a difficult task, but it should be pleasurable, and the idea is that you enjoy the process. Today we want to give you some practical tips to help you with the design of your Italian kitchen.

A modern kitchen must merge two key aspects: being functional and having a look that can be adapted to your particular style.

In addition, today more and more owners of high-end homes make it a priority to enjoy a kitchen that allows them to cook with style and, in addition, spend quality time with friends and family.

In this sense, and regardless of the color scheme and materials that you decide to use to make your kitchen idea a reality, here are the characteristics that you should take into consideration when designing your new Italian kitchen:

1- An integrated refrigerator:  The refrigerator is the kitchen appliance that we use all day and every day, either because we are cooking or because we fancy a snack. And, when it comes to a kitchen for high-end homes, there are many different styles, colors, and shapes of refrigerators that we can choose from for our new Italian kitchen. Regardless of the refrigerator you choose, the important thing is to make sure that your design allows it to be integrated. Keep in mind that protruding refrigerators take up some additional space and could dislodge the interior design. 

2- An open layout for cooking and entertaining: Although this is not always the case and it largely depends on the size of the home, we are seeing more and more Italian kitchen designs that incorporate enough space for cooking and for guests. If you are interested in being a host during family vacations, as well as hosting friends and neighbors, then it is important to consider this point when designing the structure of your new kitchen.

3- Hidden garbage and recycling. Just like your fridge, the garbage and recycling in your new Italian kitchen should also be out of sight. When garbage and recycling bins are placed next to the kitchen island, in addition to being difficult to maneuver during our time in the kitchen, it can also attract some unpleasant insects. In this sense, the best thing is that the garbage is hidden, in an exclusive piece of furniture for that purpose.

4- Minimalist and sustainable furniture: The furniture will be a central feature of the design of your new high-end Italian kitchen. The furniture sets the tone for the rest of the kitchen. This makes the selection of furniture, both in color, style and material, extremely important. But do not let this point represent any concern, because, in general, the search for furniture is usually a fun experience and, for sure, you will find the ideal option that suits your needs for functionality, style preferences and taste. Our recommendation: choose furniture with a modern, minimalist and sustainable design.

5- The flooring must be resistant and elegant at the same time. The floor of your new Italian kitchen will experience a lot of use. For this reason, your high-end kitchen must not only have an attractive floor and match the furniture, but it must also be durable. Fortunately, there are plenty of quality flooring alternatives that will hold up to regular use. For example, hardwood, bamboo, concrete and vinyl flooring are recognized as durable options. In general, both the floor and the cabinets are two areas of your luxury kitchen design that are worth investing in to reduce repairs and complications in the future.

6- Impressive countertops: Choosing countertops can be as enjoyable as searching for furniture. Fortunately, STOSA offers many fantastic and high-performance luxury countertop options, such as Aliant, Karma or Metropolis, which are ideal thanks to their characteristic resistance and beauty. At YAMINI you can see them all and more. You just have to visit our sales center located at Miami or Fort Lauderdale where you will receive personalized attention, free and without obligation. 

7- Functional kitchen islands: The kitchen island is a staple in luxury kitchens. It’s the place where you can find everyone hanging out or just cooking dinner with the family – it’s the focal point of the kitchen. And using the kitchen island not only as additional work space but also as a functional space is vital to taking your luxury kitchen to the next level. To make your Italian kitchen island more functional, add a sink or an induction hob with a built-in extractor. You can cook on one side and chat with your friends sitting on the stools. Homeowners also use their kitchen islands for small wine coolers or pot and pan storage.

8- Integrated lighting: Light is essential in a new Italian kitchen. The integrated lighting is located in the furniture and in other strategic spaces, which makes it less harsh and will allow you to see what you are cooking more comfortably. Integrated lighting could be LED spotlights attached under cabinets so they are out of sight when there is natural light, but provide the perfect lighting when needed. You can even install color-changing LED lights with the push of a button and give your kitchen a nice atmosphere for dinner time.



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Latest on kitchen cabinets finishes


An essential part of any kitchen design is the kitchen cabinets. They provide a structure to create work areas and storage. Once they are fitted, they provide a sturdy structure that forms the base around which other features can be added to your kitchen. 

A great way to incorporate texture in your kitchen design and make a statement in your space is to design it right in your cabinetry.

While reeded, fluted, or v-groove cabinet doors have traditionally been associated with vintage stylings, this cabinetry type has seen a recent resurgence with a modern twist.  Characterized by their textural fronts, reeded cabinets feature ribbed pieces of wood that can either be inset or cover the entirety of a cabinet door. Through its unique ribbing, this kind of cabinetry adds depth to a space and creates visual intrigue in any kitchen’s design.

The best thing about these cabinet styles is that they come in a variety of options that can be either bold or subtle and suits a variety of design styles. 

Remember that the best design for your kitchen is the one that identifies you. In Yamini, we are ready to show you the latest trends on Italian kitchen cabinets and to help you choose the best quality, design, and make your kitchen your favorite place at home.

Visit our showroom in Coral Gables or Fort Lauderdale or just send a message to request a free consultation.

Yamini visiting Eurocucina at Salone del Mobile Milano 2022

Salone de Milano 2022

EuroCucina is the only major kitchen trade show in Europe and the most important on a global scale. It takes place every two years at Fiera Milano, Italy. The occasion brings together top manufacturers, designers, and other professionals in the field. More than 100 companies have the opportunity to demonstrate their latest kitchen solutions and achievements.

EuroCucina 2022 set the kitchen trends for the next two years while giving participants the stage to present their new designs, concepts, themes, technology, material implementation, and to exchange novel ideas

82 exhibitors have gathered at Eurocucina, highlighting the hybrid kitchens that are integrated into the living area of ??the house. In addition, companies are emphasizing sustainability, with increasingly efficient and environmentally friendly materials and energy-saving appliances.

As the house is becoming more and more versatile, and the kitchen, in particular, a place where different tasks can be carried out, the countertops act as a desk or, simply, as a space to meet with friends. Outdoor kitchens are also a trend, combining a desire to enjoy outdoor spaces with the desire to have fun. They have also highlighted solutions for small apartments, such as units that fit a full kitchen in 2.5 square meters.

We were delighted during our visit to this magnificent event. These are some of the latest trends:

  • Bronze/Gold color to highlight the luxury concept
  • Metal drawers inside cabinets
  • Vertical lines on wood doors for minimalist concept
  • Black color on cabinets and or gola
  • Combination of wood doors and laminate doors


A modern and high-end Italian kitchen with the purpose to delight

Aliant is the result of combining two design systems: the Look System with its 75 cm modules and the Evolution System with its larger capacity base cabinets, drawers, tall units and wall units, double shelves, flush-fitting worktops and precious interiors. As a result, you end up with a precious and stylish Italian modern kitchen.

In Aliant kitchens, materials blend together like ingredients in a delicious recipe, breathing life into a refined, modern design that is also firmly rooted in tradition. Two materials play leading roles. The first is glass, an essential, pure element capable of adding depth to colors, lightness to space, and nobility to any kitchen environment.

Finally there is Neolith®, the man-made sintered stone created from 100% natural raw materials, in which elegance and durability converge in a product with unique characteristics.

Aliant is an amazingly versatile collection, with the ability to express itself in many ways and create a wide range of solutions, from eye-catching islands to linear walls of clear glass and fascinating environments that blend into the living area.

For more information about the Aliant collection from Stosa please contact 

Stosa launches Karma, Clean-cut design and essential shapes

Designed for customers who love clean lines, and to bring out the best in contrasting materials and colors, Karma stands out for its doors with integrated handle and for three types of opening mechanism that define and decorate the kitchen: full length handle, partial length handle, counter-grip handle – details that create an original look and guarantee maximum functionality.

The elements that characterize Karma give a dynamic feel to kitchen compositions, and guarantee a visually balanced and cohesive style that embodies intelligent living solutions. Available with drawers of different sizes (12, 24 and 36 cm), Karma allows the designer to experiment with alternating volumes and clean lines to create a more compact kitchen.

The rigorous volumes and defined structures of Karma allow you to create essential environments, in which the protagonist is the combination of materials and finishes that can be expressed in an extremely wide range of combinations with an unprecedented aesthetic impact. Sophisticated detail in its backsplash, a top element for islands, peninsulas and snack tops, designed to create a containing back where usually the back is not there and positioned behind the cooking area it is useful to always have within reach. Hand-held ingredients and aromatic plants.

For more information about Stosa’s Karma line, please contact


New Italian Kitchen Cabinet Design

metropolis kitchen cabinet
metropolis kitchen cabinet

Metropolis is more than just a kitchen. Offering a wide range of material looks, multifunctional furnishings and original solutions, Metropolis is kitchen, living zone and more.

Every little detail is carefully designed to meet the needs of modern life and living spaces. Metropolis loves to combine colors and finishes: wood grain with marble veining, matte with gloss surfaces, dark with light shades. In fact, anything is possible with a modern and high-end Italian kitchen that offers such an amazing choice of materials and colors.


metropolis kitchen cabinet
metropolis kitchen cabinet







Metropolis kitchens combine looks with functionality to create space for living and sharing. Work tops for technical appliances combine and integrate with spaces for conviviality. Metropolis transforms today’s needs and habits into the perfect design solution.

metropolis kitchen cabinet









Every little detail is chosen for its excellent ergonomics and to reflect the latest trends. Metropolis features Evolution system, which is Stosa’s new design system for optimizing space, based on maximized storage capacity and innovative style. A plinth height of only 8 cm allows Evolution System kitchens to increase the height and depth of base cabinets and wall units.

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Cook fabulous meals in your conventional kitchen. 

Not all meat cuts need to be done above live coals exclusively. There is not always a patio or one of those big and bulky outdoor grills at home to do a nice BBQ, but this shouldn’t limit us when properly cooking an excellent cut of meat, which can also be prepared using the right pan and in your kitchen.

Side dishes

We recommend starting with the side dishes when cooking these meals since they take more time. Potatoes and Asparagus are a simple but effective combination and will be perfect companions for a great cut. We should start by cleaning and removing the tails of the Asparagus, which is the part no one likes; secondly, we will saute the spears over high heat in a pan with olive oil or butter. Then we will prepare some previously diced potatoes in another pan with sprayed oil to roast them for about 7 to 8 minutes, adding salt & freshly ground pepper and the Asparagus, so they get tender and roasted.

The Cut

Now for the main dish. Today, our star is a New York Strip Steak; this is Well-marbled, full-bodied, and rich with beefy flavor; When talking about texture, taste, and fat, a New York Strip is a firm but tender cut. This delicate piece will only need high-quality salt and maybe a bit of ground pepper to season. Please consider the thickness of this cut; for seasoning, remember that it might need more than usual due to its size.

On a preheated pan, and in medium hot, we add a tablespoon of olive oil and start cooking our meat; we will leave it for about 5 mins per side until the surface gets crisp and golden.

To finish it, we add two garlic cloves with a rosemary branch and a spoon of butter and dress the meat with these juices until the flavor penetrates the cut.

Now you know how to prepare a slice of delicious meat without the need for a grill or BBQ; this is an excellent alternative to give your family a top meal using your kitchen.

We want to invite you to know more about Yamini Kitchens and the benefits of having an Italian-designed kitchen at home.


Choosing the proper kitchen for your family is crucial and must meet all the needs of each house member who will enjoy this kitchen project.

One of the most trending styles nowadays is the Transitional Kitchen, which has traditional textures combined with contemporary designs, expanding the possibilities and bringing the best of both worlds.

Types of Transitional Kitchens

In Yamini Kitchens, we always have offered our customers projects with various styles to choose from and balance their needs with their likes. Transitional Kitchens aren’t the exception, and here are some of them:

Newport: this type of kitchen is ideal for the public in general. It is perfect for those looking for an international style; materials used in this kitchens enhance the house’s appearance with different tones of cast and wheat colors over wood, offering a natural look and a fascinating nordic ambient.

Tosca: sometimes, we find transitional kitchens as an extension of the living room, and Tosca is the perfect choice for this, integrating both spaces with harmony and combining elements like in-wall hoods, doors, polished steel and wood finishes that bring an entirely original and classic style full of customizations.

City: probably this is the style that represents to perfection what a contemporary design means. It is creative, unorthodox, and for sure one of most wanted. The attention to detail and innovative finishes with Brizzo Oak, White Oak, Steel, and concrete create an industrial-style not often found.

A wise choice

It can be hard to understand what all these kitchens have to offer among those never-ending possibilities; that’s why professional advice is crucial. In Yamin Kitchens, we understand the process and are ready to start from scratch with yours, considering all your concerns and suggestions to deliver the best option to cover all your kitchen needs.


Having a great manufacturer as your partner is always a competitive advantage that offers a trusted quality on each kitchen delivery and much more when the partner, we are talking about is Stosa Cucine, a company that has 55 years in the market, creating 100% Italian Designed Kitchens, delivering unique and diverse experiences to their customers fulfilling their dreams, expectations, and particular requirements.


Stosa Cucine is the dream come true of a man and his family guided by his passion for kitchens and transmitted through generations. This has given Stosa the opportunity to accumulate experience in the production of Kitchens with High-Quality standards that are in constant evolution and innovation, taking care of every detail.

It was 1964 when Stosa Cucine began their first kitchen production in a little carpentry shop with only 3.000+ sq. Ft. located in Piancastagnio at the Italian Tuscany. In 1985 Stosa starts its expansion and consolidated after the Sani family took the management. By 1990 the company moved to a bigger facility for manufacturing in the Val di Paglia zone, then in the year 2000 finally became a private-public company and end up being an International Holding with a newly built Head Quarters with 500.000+ sq. Ft. that is still the heart of Stosa Family. Today, Stosa Cucine is a worldwide recognized brand and as a company with a growing turnover eager to tackle new challenges and ambitious new targets.

Stosa Cucine: Products for live improvement

Each product and project involving a Stosa Cucine, includes the maximum effort and dedication of the manufacturer for the customers to be proud of their choice. This company is known for its innovative designs that offer original solutions, customizable with severe attention to details, thanks to constant research and technological advances.

All kitchens produced at Stosa Cucine are 100% Italian Designed, and built exclusively in Italy, with a Quality Management System certified ISO 9001:2015, and always keep up with research and innovation on their products.

Absolutely all the materials used in Stosa to build a Kitchen, Door, Countertop, Drawer, or Accessory are carefully selected to contribute with resistance and functionality since these are though for long-lasting durability and use. Also, they work side-by-side with Appliances and Light Fixture Manufacturers to guarantee quality performance and functionality in their kitchens.

Stosa offers a qualified and professional advisory so each customer can customize the kitchen as preferred. Professional & Specialized project managers are at your service on each Sales Showroom, where you can find different options, models, combinations for each kitchen, that with the help of 3D rendering software, can be interactively previewed for efficient future installations.

Yamini Kitchens

Here in Yamini Kitchens, we are proud to have Stosa Cucine as a partner; we share the same passion and drive for Italian Designed kitchens, offering their products in South Florida, delivering a quality experience to all our clients. Know more about it by scheduling a free consultation to start becoming true the kitchen.