Over these years, our company efforts have focused on delivering Italian-designed Kitchens in South Florida. We feel confident and sure that the experience and reputation earned in this market result from the passion and commitment that our team of professionals has with our clients. Thanks to that outstanding performance, we can proudly announce today that now our products are recognized and certified with the Cosmob Qualitas Praemium certification: “Circularity of the Furniture Product.”

We are proud to receive this certification since it recognizes the efforts done in our constant look to improve the processes and performance of each of our installations, using a sustainable amount of resources and respecting the life cycle of the products used in our kitchens.

Our products must accomplish the highest standards in quality and be environmentally responsible at the same time. We enforce this in all processes and teams involved in our supply chain, from design and production to the final installation in our clients’ homes.

This determination has made Yamini Kitchens a corporation where Ethics, Sustainability, and Social & Environment Responsibility are the main drivers. With the appropriate use of materials, we extend their life cycle, preserve our natural resources, and constantly improve efficiency in all tasks involved in our Kitchens installations.

We want to highlight that these drivers will keep pushing us to give our best by doing what we love, always being faithful to our values, and looking forward to accomplishing all with excellence. 

We only have left to say: ¡THANK YOU!

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