Cook fabulous meals in your conventional kitchen.

Not all meat cuts need to be done above live coals exclusively. There is not always a patio or one of those big and bulky outdoor grills at home to do a nice BBQ, but this shouldn’t limit us when properly cooking an excellent cut of meat, which can also be prepared using the right pan and in your kitchen.

Side dishes

We recommend starting with the side dishes when cooking these meals since they take more time. Potatoes and Asparagus are a simple but effective combination and will be perfect companions for a great cut. We should start by cleaning and removing the tails of the Asparagus, which is the part no one likes; secondly, we will saute the spears over high heat in a pan with olive oil or butter. Then we will prepare some previously diced potatoes in another pan with sprayed oil to roast them for about 7 to 8 minutes, adding salt & freshly ground pepper and the Asparagus, so they get tender and roasted.

The Cut

Now for the main dish. Today, our star is a New York Strip Steak; this is Well-marbled, full-bodied, and rich with beefy flavor; When talking about texture, taste, and fat, a New York Strip is a firm but tender cut. This delicate piece will only need high-quality salt and maybe a bit of ground pepper to season. Please consider the thickness of this cut; for seasoning, remember that it might need more than usual due to its size.

On a preheated pan, and in medium hot, we add a tablespoon of olive oil and start cooking our meat; we will leave it for about 5 mins per side until the surface gets crisp and golden.

To finish it, we add two garlic cloves with a rosemary branch and a spoon of butter and dress the meat with these juices until the flavor penetrates the cut.

Now you know how to prepare a slice of delicious meat without the need for a grill or BBQ; this is an excellent alternative to give your family a top meal using your kitchen.

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Nowadays, the kitchen is one of the most important places of the entire house, becoming a social center where the family gathers to share food and meals and pleasant experiences. That’s why modern kitchen designs are beyond functional needs and now focus on awakening the emotions and senses of those spending a lot of time in the kitchen.


With time, kitchen designs have had to evolve since cooking has become increasingly part of our days, mainly incentive by all the TV-Shows, Websites, Blogs, and Apps dedicated to stream content related to gastronomy. In addition, the pandemic arrival gave families a chance to share more time in their kitchens, preparing all sorts of recipes and dishes, making this a time to relax in the middle of the confinement.

Reason enough to have a kitchen with modern features capable of resisting all uses and offering all the functionalities needed to accomplish any gastronomic challenge that we face.

First thing’s first.

Colors and Materials: Sober and soft colors with mate finishes are trending and precisely the types of materials we want to use, where faucets, hardware, countertops, and sinks aren’t shiny and contrast with the white marble walls, creating a warm and luxurious ambient where metallic, rusty and graphite colors blend to perfection.

Lighting: This could be mistaken as a secondary feature when designing a kitchen, but actually, it is crucial; a measured amount of light on each space gives a touch of elegance and enhances functionality.

Appliances: Modern designs have made it possible to cover up Ovens, Fridges, and Dishwashers (among others), blending those with the rest of the cabinetry, giving a neutral and uniform look to our kitchen.

We are here to advise your kitchen construction.

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We are starting a new year in which we are seeing the consolidation of some 2020 trends as well as the emergence of others, resulting from different needs and growing awareness in recent months.

Open and connected spaces were already a trend during recent years; with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, the kitchen became one of those places at home we enjoy the most, as result of confinement. Discovering new recipes and sharing that experience with family make us spend the right time that good cooking deserves. People have opted for cooking spaces that are also more sociable, opening the kitchen not only to the dinning but also to the living and even the family room to integrate both spaces. There are several options that fits this trend, all with a common factor: the sense of harmony between the space and the appropriate lighting.

Sustainable Design

Concern for taking care of the environment is on the rise and the kitchens are no exception. One of the trends of note is the seeking of sustainable design in terms of materials and construction, making prices more affordable for the consumer. This trend is going to persist throughout this year and the next.


In terms of colors, there are two strong trends that are predominant. The first is the use of shades of naval blue accentuated by classic golden tones to convey elegance and sophistication in the kitchen. The second, something that has already been seen and will never goes out of style, is white kitchens with industrial elements and natural colors. This can often be seen in spaces such as bars, attics, and woodgrain trattorias.


Porcelain countertops have gained prominence in the market, as they have great advantages, such as their ability to imitate natural stone, pure colors, and even wood. This has made them a star material in 2021. That such products are completely recyclable and benefit the environment only influences this trend.