Latest on kitchen cabinets finishes


An essential part of any kitchen design is the kitchen cabinets. They provide a structure to create work areas and storage. Once they are fitted, they provide a sturdy structure that forms the base around which other features can be added to your kitchen. 

A great way to incorporate texture in your kitchen design and make a statement in your space is to design it right in your cabinetry.

While reeded, fluted, or v-groove cabinet doors have traditionally been associated with vintage stylings, this cabinetry type has seen a recent resurgence with a modern twist.  Characterized by their textural fronts, reeded cabinets feature ribbed pieces of wood that can either be inset or cover the entirety of a cabinet door. Through its unique ribbing, this kind of cabinetry adds depth to a space and creates visual intrigue in any kitchen’s design.

The best thing about these cabinet styles is that they come in a variety of options that can be either bold or subtle and suits a variety of design styles. 

Remember that the best design for your kitchen is the one that identifies you. In Yamini, we are ready to show you the latest trends on Italian kitchen cabinets and to help you choose the best quality, design, and make your kitchen your favorite place at home.

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