The beautiful color contrast of marble in the kitchen

The Panda White marble countertop, with a white background with large black veins, harmonizes perfectly with the full-height front wall of the same material. Its name comes from the black and white contrast reminiscent of panda skin and combines the two most classic and timeless colors.

In addition to its undeniable functionality in the kitchen, the natural stone countertop provides a unique and personal touch to any design and environment. Likewise, it offers the possibility of forming almost symmetrical figures in the cooking area and on the island itself.

Here are some designs recently made by YAMINI using different cabinet colors combined with this type of marble countertop. As you can appreciate they all look magnificent. 

One of the designs shows how the countertop covers the island on its sides offering an unparalleled minimalist and homogeneous block look.

At Yamini we are known for working with the best in Italian kitchen design. We put all our effort to turn the kitchen of your dreams into a reality. We are ready to help you, just give us a call for a FREE CONSULTATION. 


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