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Italian design has been recognized as one of the best in the fashion and interior design world, thanks to its constant state of innovation and experimentation. It is common to find on its designs a great fascination for all kinds of materials, especially for those that add style and functionality, playing along with color & textures combinations and all sorts of finishes, resulting in unbelievable and unique pieces.

Opting for Italian Design lift all the limits, since it can be reproduced in many different fields, like Architecture, Industrial Facilities, Urban distributions, and of course Interiors. Here at Yamini Kitchens, we make the most of Italian Design to build dream kitchens, with astonishing finishes and details, and other wonderful products that match to perfection.





Our kitchens have 100% Italian Cabinetry, we offer a wide variety of materials and styles to choose from, so you will find the one that fits all your needs for that remodeling you are looking for. These are some of the styles you can find:  

Modern Kitchens: this model outstands because it is capable to adapt to perfection to the rest of the spaces at home, and maximizes the spaces by adding wide cabinetry, column-type units on walls, creating a thinner space in the kitchen where all the components look compact.

Transitional Kitchens: the main aspect of these is the use of different materials to incorporate alternative finishes, delivering new and contemporary expressions in the kitchen. Among these materials, we normally find different types of Oak, with optional textures and mate colors, combined with metallic handles of the highest quality.

Classic Kitchens: this type is capable of interpreting Italian crafts with an irresistible touch of glamour for all those detail lovers. The luxury designs we can find in these kitchens seem to be limitless, we will find gold threads in all sorts of colors and tones and materials with the highest quality, resistance, and functionalities, like glass doors with handles topped with Swarovski crystals.

High-End Kitchens: we find here a perfect balance between functionality and luxury, since it has state of the art materials, and technology, incorporating quality, resistance, and innovation to the kitchen. These are ideal for all kind of person since can be customized to perfection, with all the previously mentioned colors and options.


Italian design is not exclusive to kitchens, it is used also to create wonderful wardrobe pieces, offering luxury and functional options to its users, for their personal belongings to be practically and beautifully stored. Also, these closets are built with high-quality materials that are resistant, durable, functional, and friendly to the environment.


We offer a great variety of doors that are produced exclusively in Italy using also the highest quality materials. The doors can be installed right away and are perfect to match your kitchen project. It comes in various colors, materials, handles, noobs, and styles to choose from, matching the styles of your kitchen and closets.

Find the kitchen of your dreams in Yamini Kitchens

Yamini Kitchens is recognized for offering a unique and pleasant experience when is time to modify, remodel or update your kitchen and home, thanks for the experience and personalized advisory that we deliver to each one of our customers, that’s why we encourage you to quote your project with us, we will walk along with you during all the process until the kitchen of your dreams has become true. Schedule a free consultation on our website

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