When the time to build out your kitchen comes, you must choose your material depending on its durability, use, design, and budget. Sometimes the options are so many, that choosing a particular material becomes a real challenge due to the lack of knowledge on the field.

Among the wide variety of materials, there is one that is now being used in many Kitchen cabinets’ production and has become already a trend. This material is “High-Pressure Laminate” also known as “HPL” and is composed of several layers of phenolic resin-saturated solid material, which are glued and bonded together under high pressure and heat to a decorative printed paper, resulting in a flexible and durable piece that emulates stone.

Convenience of High-Pressure Laminate

This material offers durability to each kitchen. For the owner, interior designer, distributor, and manufacturer, is always a great option choosing HPL on any surface since it will grant functionality to the kitchen. Let’s see why:

  • Options and variety.

The kitchen design and look will catch your attention. That’s why HPL laminates are ideal to enhance kitchen structures due to their variety of colors, textures, and natural material simulations (like wood). This creates a playground for the imagination resulting in unique products. HPL also comes with gloss and mate options to create either the feeling of open spaces or something cozier.

  • Hygiene and cleanliness

Cleanliness is a matter of extreme importance in the kitchen. HPL is a non-toxic material and since it has no pores, humidity is not allowed on its interior, making HPL doors and countertops completely Hygienic.

  • Efficient and Resistance

The durability of this material is remarkable, regardless of climate changes, sunlight, humidity, or heat, HPL is perfect for all the kitchen cabinetry and is ideal to keep your kitchen flawless and modern during the years to come. Also, all the mentioned features come with a very reasonable budget and will end on luxury finishes at affordable prices.

We know how hard is to choose the right materials for your kitchen when you are not an expert and have no major idea of its benefits. Nevertheless, if what you are looking for is a durable, functional, affordable kitchen with luxury finishes, there is no doubt that HPL will fulfill your expectations.

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