What should you include in the design of your new Italian kitchen?

Designing the kitchen of your dreams may seem like a difficult task, but it should be pleasurable, and the idea is that you enjoy the process. Today we want to give you some practical tips to help you with the design of your Italian kitchen.

A modern kitchen must merge two key aspects: being functional and having a look that can be adapted to your particular style.

In addition, today more and more owners of high-end homes make it a priority to enjoy a kitchen that allows them to cook with style and, in addition, spend quality time with friends and family.

In this sense, and regardless of the color scheme and materials that you decide to use to make your kitchen idea a reality, here are the characteristics that you should take into consideration when designing your new Italian kitchen:

1- An integrated refrigerator:  The refrigerator is the kitchen appliance that we use all day and every day, either because we are cooking or because we fancy a snack. And, when it comes to a kitchen for high-end homes, there are many different styles, colors, and shapes of refrigerators that we can choose from for our new Italian kitchen. Regardless of the refrigerator you choose, the important thing is to make sure that your design allows it to be integrated. Keep in mind that protruding refrigerators take up some additional space and could dislodge the interior design. 

2- An open layout for cooking and entertaining: Although this is not always the case and it largely depends on the size of the home, we are seeing more and more Italian kitchen designs that incorporate enough space for cooking and for guests. If you are interested in being a host during family vacations, as well as hosting friends and neighbors, then it is important to consider this point when designing the structure of your new kitchen.

3- Hidden garbage and recycling. Just like your fridge, the garbage and recycling in your new Italian kitchen should also be out of sight. When garbage and recycling bins are placed next to the kitchen island, in addition to being difficult to maneuver during our time in the kitchen, it can also attract some unpleasant insects. In this sense, the best thing is that the garbage is hidden, in an exclusive piece of furniture for that purpose.

4- Minimalist and sustainable furniture: The furniture will be a central feature of the design of your new high-end Italian kitchen. The furniture sets the tone for the rest of the kitchen. This makes the selection of furniture, both in color, style and material, extremely important. But do not let this point represent any concern, because, in general, the search for furniture is usually a fun experience and, for sure, you will find the ideal option that suits your needs for functionality, style preferences and taste. Our recommendation: choose furniture with a modern, minimalist and sustainable design.

5- The flooring must be resistant and elegant at the same time. The floor of your new Italian kitchen will experience a lot of use. For this reason, your high-end kitchen must not only have an attractive floor and match the furniture, but it must also be durable. Fortunately, there are plenty of quality flooring alternatives that will hold up to regular use. For example, hardwood, bamboo, concrete and vinyl flooring are recognized as durable options. In general, both the floor and the cabinets are two areas of your luxury kitchen design that are worth investing in to reduce repairs and complications in the future.

6- Impressive countertops: Choosing countertops can be as enjoyable as searching for furniture. Fortunately, STOSA offers many fantastic and high-performance luxury countertop options, such as Aliant, Karma or Metropolis, which are ideal thanks to their characteristic resistance and beauty. At YAMINI you can see them all and more. You just have to visit our sales center located at Miami or Fort Lauderdale where you will receive personalized attention, free and without obligation. 

7- Functional kitchen islands: The kitchen island is a staple in luxury kitchens. It’s the place where you can find everyone hanging out or just cooking dinner with the family – it’s the focal point of the kitchen. And using the kitchen island not only as additional work space but also as a functional space is vital to taking your luxury kitchen to the next level. To make your Italian kitchen island more functional, add a sink or an induction hob with a built-in extractor. You can cook on one side and chat with your friends sitting on the stools. Homeowners also use their kitchen islands for small wine coolers or pot and pan storage.

8- Integrated lighting: Light is essential in a new Italian kitchen. The integrated lighting is located in the furniture and in other strategic spaces, which makes it less harsh and will allow you to see what you are cooking more comfortably. Integrated lighting could be LED spotlights attached under cabinets so they are out of sight when there is natural light, but provide the perfect lighting when needed. You can even install color-changing LED lights with the push of a button and give your kitchen a nice atmosphere for dinner time.



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